Product being shipped to wrong address and Ring does not careg

I am amaze that ring does not care that a product is being shipped to the wrong address. Let me start that its my responsibility as the consumer to verify my shipping address but I was just floored when the representative told me to call the post office and let them know after he had me on hold for 20 minutes and then came back to the phone laughing. I do not know who these people are that ring has hired but all I ask for is just one good customer service expericence.
The worst part is the product was just ordered 15 hr ago and its is not even trackable in the USPS system… To add insult to the who situation whom ever it is in the shipping department that is saying I should call the post office should know that only the seller can make changes to a shipping address. me as the customer can only ask the post office to hold a product that is coming to my address. After my experience with Adrian yesterday I felt confident about keeping ring but whom ever it is that I spoke with just now. I will begin to shop for new service. Also I did contact the post office and they said I cannot change the address order 001-5003590 Thank for Angie for at least trying to help me

Hi @Arriegyles. Since the Ring Community is a public forum, we aren’t able to view account details or order information. It sounds like the window of time available to cancel an order or edit the shipping address has already passed. I would recommend following up with our support team to clarify on the next steps to take. I know you have already reached out to our support team via phone. If it works better for you, our social support team can be reached on Facebook @Ring via private message. Let them know your order is being sent to the wrong address, and they should be able to point you in the right direction.

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