Pink Tint on camera view

I am trying to understand this… as like many other customers who buys Ring products, we expect to have quality products for the price we are paying. To have this pink film issue going across all of Ring products seems like it’s an issue… so happens, my floodlight camera started the pink film issue three months after my factory warranty. Like many others, I called customer service in hope of fixing issue, well like many others it did not solved the issue. Now, having the basic plan but with multiple Ring product should tell you that you are a reputable company but to limit this warranty in something we cannot prevent due to malfunction of your product seems concerning. Giving out 20% off next purchase in hopes of grabbing our attention to your products seems ridiculous but hey I’m just one customer. At first I was spreading the news to my coworkers in my work area as well as in my neighborhood but now I’m going to have to put a disclaimer when talking about Ring. I would not bash Ring but I would not tell them to invest with a product that will lose its reliability in security camera since this pink film issue has yet to be resolved. It should not matter whether we get the basic plan or the upgrade plan, pink film is an issue that requires attention if you want to get customers… if you look at it on long term, keeping a customer is beneficial versus having a customer leave and others follow… well that’s my 2 cents… right now I’m upset that I have to look into another floodlight camera because my warranty expire 90 days after warranty… seems like it was a planned setup with this pink film magical showing up… (SMH)


Same problem here-I am very concerned about Ring quality. I bought a floodlight with cam. The light died and cannot be replaced. Offered 20-25% off. No thanks. Now my doorbell has the pink. Spent a good bit of time working on it with and without tech support. Not fixable but will give me 35% off a new one. Not a good strategy for me. There are several other products out there now and I will be choosing one of those. And as the poster said, if asked, I will not be able to recommend Ring. In fact Amazon just asked for a review and I gave my honest opinion… Very disappointed.

I’m having the same problem - pink tint on my ring doorbell. I’ve tried resetting the doorbell and it worked for a few hours, then back again to the pink tint. What’s going on??? I’m looking for a permanent solution.

Same here…The Pink Tint has set upon me. Reading the web, it appears this is common. Its obviously a filter in the camera. Youtube and Reddit suggests a slight tap on the side will do the trick. That works for the day, but once nighttime rolls around and the sun comes up, it reverts back to the pink tint. After reading literally hundreds of Pink Tint issues, Ring has a problem.

we’re on the same boat. our flood light cam is no longer under warranty and has the pink hue. was also offered 35% off for the next purchase by customer service. i hope they do something about this as a lot of people are having the exact same issue.

Any fixes yet? I have this problem. Banging the side or flipping the breaker works until the camera comes out of night vision mode…

Hi @user25513. If the suggested troubleshooting methods haven’t seemed to correct your concern, I suggest reaching out to our support team. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

There seems to be alot of us with the same pink or red tint going on with our ring cameras, I haven’t seen any response from the company concerning this issue, I hope I can get a refund? I did notice changing the lens angles made the pink tint go away for a while.

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