Outdoor Siren

Hi, my outdoor siren is showing ‘finish setup’ in the app, even though the device is setup and working, is this normal?
No other device has shown this when i click on them. Thanks

Hi @Alexp12. What happens when you tap Finish Setup and complete any of the prompts it displays? Does it still display the Finish Setup option afterwards? Feel free to attach any additional screenshots. :slight_smile:

Hi, it just prompts me to go through the installation again, although the external siren is already connected and working correctly. Is there a way to remove the device and re-install?


@Alexp12 Under the Device Settings tile, there should be an option to remove the device. You can then set it back up with the normal process under Set Up a Device. I’d also recommend ensuring that your Ring app is fully updated, and if you haven’t closed it in awhile, force close the app and reopen it.

Just checked mine and it’s not showing on mine - maybe you need to finish something else still…!


Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll remove the siren and reinstall and hopefully this will resolve the issue.

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Hi, I have the same problem as you, did you resolve it? My siren is working correctly I just have this “finish set up”.

I solved it, someone posted the solution here