Open Ring Intercom lock from live video screen doesn't work

Dear all, good afternoon,

I have a setup consisting of a video doorbell (2nd gen) and the new ring intercom.

When entering the live video screen from the camera within my ring app, I have a button for controls at the screens bottom.

Clicking on it opens a list with my available locks, which in my case is the ring intercom device.

The issue in my case is that below the name of this lock (name of my intercom device) just a “in progress” message is appearing while both in the left and right side there are two moving circles visible.
I can’t get the lock opened this way although that would be really smart.

Has anyone the same issue? Might the implementation of the ring intercom doesn’t work that way yet?

Using Android app, German language/location.

Appreciate your answers,


Hey @gforums. To confirm, are you accessing the Live View from your Video Doorbell when you see this option? Would you also mind sharing a screenshot of this option that you see in the Live View? I’d be happy to confirm the intended capability with my team, and a screenshot of what you’re seeing would be helpful. :slight_smile:

Dear @Caitlyn_Ring,

Thanks getting back to my question. I attached one screenshot showing what I meant.

When opening the door bell’s live view, I click that item at the bottom and the list with the lock (Lobby is the name of my intercom) opens. (See screenshot)

I tried the same with my wife’s phone but the behaviour is the same: apps stays in that mode without letting the lock be controlled.

Thank you for your further advise,

@gforums Thank you for sharing that screenshot, I forwarded this to my team. They confirmed that the Ring Intercom can be unlocked through the Live View of a Doorbell or Security Camera, so they’ll investigate as to why it is not working. I don’t have an ETA on when I might receive an update, but appreciate you bringing this to our attention. :slight_smile:

Thanks for now, @Caitlyn_Ring. Highly appreciate forwarding the issue. Now hope for a quick fix :slight_smile:

Best wishes, Christian

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