Notification of device offline

Yes!!! I cannot understand AT ALL why ring wouldn’t put this simple feature in the app for as much as we pay for the cams and the subscription. I went away for awhile and did not know my cams were offline until I manually checked my app. It’s ridiculous because if I didn’t check it for myself, there could have been a break in and I would not have known or had footage. This is pathetic of ring and a big security flaw.

This is a mind-boggling easy fix to make. Shame on Ring for not having it yet.

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I was playing around with the app today and it iced one device has low battery, two are offline and one has been tampered with. Never received an alert, email, text, call…nothing! This is a huge security issue! I shouldn’t have to be “playing around” with the app to find such critical alarm issues. I don’t trust this alarm at all anymore.

In the Ring app, under Settings > Alarm Alerts, do you have the options for e-mail or push alerts turned on?

Yup. Get alerts all time when armed, disarmed etc. nothing when device goes offline or low battery. All notifications are turned on

Same issue with me. All my settings are correct. Yet another issues with Ring. You’d think the system would be smart enough to check on the health and connectivity of each device snd report back if something is wrong or the device isn’t responding. Very easy for engineers to implement a ping on a schedule.

Any update on this ? Would be a very useful feature.
e.g. using a smart plug connected to fridge/freezer could get an alert if the plug went offline meaning the fridge/freezer has no power.

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People have been asking for this since ‘21? Vital feature. Even my archaic Canary system had it years ago. I just “upgraded” to ring, which has many advantages, but this is a significant disadvantage.

I don’t pay for the cellular monitoring. How can I be alerted if my home Internet is down? I’m worried that a major weak point in the Ring system is that the app won’t notify you if this happens. If the alarm is triggered after someone cuts the Internet then I would never know (when I’m not home at least). I’m guessing Ring has no plans to implement this vital feature because they want you to pay for their premium subscription with monitoring. Does anyone know of a third party way to accomplish this?


This should be a standard feature for any “security” device.

I’m not adding my +1 to this post because at present I’m not understanding the problem.
I unplugged my Indoor Camera and the app is telling me its offline.
I don’t need anything more than this.

Why exactly did you post this? If this is not a feature that you need, it’s kind of weird that you would take the time to post that you don’t need it. Glad your needs are currently being met I guess…

I’m not adding my +1 to this post because at present I’m not understanding the problem.
I unplugged my Indoor Camera and the app is telling me its offline.
I don’t need anything more than this."

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Astonishingly - over 3 years later - this still isn’t in place! I get an email when my battery needs replacing but not when the primary camera at my door goes offline! What are they thinking?!

The App needs to add a notification if the device is no longer connected to Wi-Fi. The device is worthless when this happens and I have no idea. Now the police want my Stick Up cam videos and there are none as it lost its wi-fi connection. Reason why is a faulty device which is bring replaced, but user’s need this type of notification. This issue had been going on for many months, but if I received a notification the devices is not connected to Wi-Fi I could have addressed the issue a long time ago.
This is the reason people buy this device, but if it loses its Wi-Fi connection it is worthless

I thought Ring would have this type of notification or feature. I used to have a nest hello and it would give me a snapshot right before it lost connection or power and tell me it was down. Would love to have this feature implemented on the Ring devices.

Failure notification is a minimum bar for a security system, but even more shockingly a trivial 1 day work item if anyone cared. The most common way to overcome a wifi security system is isolate it (Jam the WiFi, trip electricity in the house, etc.). All Ring had to do is to have a heartbeat (ping) sent from the system to their servers every say 10 min, and if that heartbeat doesn’t come, check connectivity, and send notification to the user if that check fails.

The problem is that RING has never graduated from being a doorbell, and probably since the Amazon acquisition doesn’t care at all. Amazon has been asleep at the wheel here. at well. What shows they don’t give a hoot is that this could be a paid subscription feature, and they can make money off of it, yet they won’t do it (they offer professional monitoring, but that’s an expensive3 overkill)

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I’m surprised you don’t understand. Everyone else seemed to.
Still, I guess that’s what the “Muted” button is for eh?

How is this still not implemented?! I missed something important because my camera had been offline for over a day without me knowing!

This is a basic feature, and obviously there are a lot of people needing this. Why won’t you implement it?

Our HOA has a camera monitoring the pool entrance. I noticed it’s been offline since yesterday. Second time in a month. Would really be nice to be notified of offline status so I can go over there and resolve the issue

Need a push notification when cameras go offline. This is important from a security standpoint but secondarily provides data needed to provide ISP with just how awful their service really is!

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