Notification of device offline

Yes!!! I cannot understand AT ALL why ring wouldn’t put this simple feature in the app for as much as we pay for the cams and the subscription. I went away for awhile and did not know my cams were offline until I manually checked my app. It’s ridiculous because if I didn’t check it for myself, there could have been a break in and I would not have known or had footage. This is pathetic of ring and a big security flaw.

This is a mind-boggling easy fix to make. Shame on Ring for not having it yet.

I was playing around with the app today and it iced one device has low battery, two are offline and one has been tampered with. Never received an alert, email, text, call…nothing! This is a huge security issue! I shouldn’t have to be “playing around” with the app to find such critical alarm issues. I don’t trust this alarm at all anymore.

In the Ring app, under Settings > Alarm Alerts, do you have the options for e-mail or push alerts turned on?

Yup. Get alerts all time when armed, disarmed etc. nothing when device goes offline or low battery. All notifications are turned on

Same issue with me. All my settings are correct. Yet another issues with Ring. You’d think the system would be smart enough to check on the health and connectivity of each device snd report back if something is wrong or the device isn’t responding. Very easy for engineers to implement a ping on a schedule.

Any update on this ? Would be a very useful feature.
e.g. using a smart plug connected to fridge/freezer could get an alert if the plug went offline meaning the fridge/freezer has no power.