No Video Recording After Motion Alert??

Early this morning I woke to an alert on my phone indicating movement on 1 of my 3 cams. I quickly logged on and saw a person on my property. I then quickly changed camera views (I have 3 cameras out the front) and when I went back to look at video of the original movement, there was no video. So I’ve had an intruder, but not 1 of 3 cams recorded and all are out the front just feet away from the 1 that alerted me. I only fully installed them yesterday and apparently some may be up too high (at about 7 feet) and are only detecting motion close up. But none of that would explain why I don’t have video of the motion that set off the alert this morning. Would the video be somewhere else? So confused and want it so I can get better look at person on my property.

Should have added, the cam that sent me the alert is a stick up cam…I have 2 of those and a spotlight cam out the front.

Hey @meinsydney, if you’re not seeing the video event history, it’s possible you may not have an active Ring Protect Plan. I would recommend giving our support team a call here to see why you are not getting any recordings so they can address this for future!