New 'improved' video download experience is a disaster

Hello, I used to use the Ring App on Windows 10 but got migrated to the ‘web app’ per Ring’s latest changes.

I was looking forward to being able to batch-download 50 videos at a time, instead of the former limit of 20. However I am seeing now that anytime I try to download more than 10 or 12 at a time, the download ends up failing with ‘Network Error.’ Basically my browser downloads almost the entire Zip file, and fails at the last moment. Example:


If I try to ‘Resume’ it just fails again, so no help there.

I’ve tried two different browsers (Brave and Firefox), and also tried with Parallel Downloading enabled in Brave; none of it makes any difference.

I appreciate the offer to download a large # of videos, but unfortunately this is a DOWNGRADE because in effect the batch size is even smaller than before!

Is anyone else experiencing this? Is there any fix, or can someone at Ring please investigate this? This is a mess.


I tried Firefox on a completely different computer (Linux) as well and the same thing happened.

Does it work if you download 50?

For the first 1-2 days after this feature rolled out, I was able to download 50 at a time. After that, this happened. I’ll give Edge a shot, but I’m wondering now if it’s something wrong with my account.

Tried 50 with Edge, same issue unfortunately.


I think I’ll try Support in a day or two when I get a little extra time.

Appreciate your help.

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Hi @J16889. This sounds like it is most likely due to some settings on your network. I’ve attempted to recreate this failure and have not been able to do so. This website here has some great tips and tricks that might be able to assist you further with this! If that doesn’t work, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.


J16889 - did you resolve your issue? I am having exactly the same issue. It started July 1. It fails on 3 different PCs in my house. If fails in Firefox and Chrome. I’ve turned off Norton and it still fails. I changed my download destination to a brand new flash drive and it still fails. I tried a mobile hot spot and still fails. It has slowly degraded - starting on July 1 I could not do 50 files but I could do 20, then only 18, then only 15, then only 12, and now only 3. I have made several calls in to Ring Support, they keep telling me it is on my side and I don’t know what else to do.

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I’m having the exact same problem. 5 different browsers and every time I try to download a group it gives me the download and appears to do them but in the end fails every single time. It is not a network issue as everything else works just fine; I can even download them one at a time without a problem it is only when i try to batch download that it fails.

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Sorry I have to disagree, it is not a network issue at all. No VPN, no firewall, no anti-virus, nothing like that that would block network packets. Nothing wrong with the setup, everything else in the world downloads without exception or problem; even single Ring files (from the preview page of that video) download without a problem. it is Only the multiple video zip file download that fails every time. It starts a download and gets mostly done then fails. Tried with the 50 max all the way down to just a single file selected. Even stopped all not needed processes and only had the download running; same result. It is nothing on the client side causing the failure but something in the download script on Ring’s side causing the problem.

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Not 100% sure but it might be a problem with the aws streaming implementation? It creates a zip file but compresses and streams while downloading to the client computer. After more testing i got it to work once but not again. The few streams i was able to grab before they were deleted…it had some of the videos but the next one on the list was incomplete and that’s where the download failed. It also doesn’t name the files nicely like individual downloads. Reminds me of the old ACK/NAK timeout thing. Can’t be sure though don’t have enough time to fully test. Maybe they should zip the files first then serve up the completed zip file? Kinda how google does when you ask for account an archive?

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Hi @vikingnm. As mentioned in the marked Solution for this post, this is most likely a network issue. Programs such as McAfee Anti-Virus can detect the file size of the download as malicious and cause the download to fail. Try the steps listed in the article I shared earlier to help with your concern. If you’ve tried this to no avail, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.


As mentioned before I don’t have anti-virus or any type of firewall running. The marked solution isn’t correct in this situation as for the OP. You’re initial link was of no help as each suggestion was already done and i can’t seem to get ahold of anyone in support. Even tried the chat feature which says they’re on at 5AM PST but no one seems to be at any time i tried contacting them; keep getting the annoying useless robot. As stated before too it’s not a network problem at least on the client side as everything in the world including the individual movie files download without a problem. It has to do with the streming zip implementation that doesn’t seem to work in some cases. There needs to be an option that zips to a server file and lets us download that zip after it’s complete, like how google does it’s archiving. I was considering adding a few more cameras, doorbells, chime, but without an easy and quick way to archive previous videos i’m starting to change my mind about the Ring solution.

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Same issue here. Clearly something in the background (maybe some kind of reauthentication?) is interrupting the file transfer. Blaming it on AV is really lame on the part of Ring. Do you not test with AV? Used to be able to download 50 at a time, now cannot. Limit seems to be about 20.

I’m running plain old Windows 10 with Defender running normally, and using Chrome.

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I spoke to an escalated team member and here’s the fact via that support person at RING:

This is a known issue that RING states has nothing to do with them. The support person claims this occurs on other platforms too.

Long and short of it, per the escalated team member, this issue is NO LONGER being actively worked on. The best thing to do is Google troubleshooting methods and, hopefully, you’ll find a solution.

I wouldn’t post something so dire unless I received this information from an upper-level member, but I’ve been trying to manage this issue for months to no avail. When it comes to RING, they are not addressing this issue anymore.

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I’ve been having the same problem :- ( .

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I have the exact same problem. I’ve tried in on 3 different Mac computers (using Safari, Chrome, and Firefox) as well as 2 different Windows 10 computers (using Edge, Firefox, and Chrome) with no antivirus or firewalls active. Also tried from several different networks (home, office, public wifi) and it’s the same issue every time. If the ZIP file is larger than 450mb, the download will fail every time.

The sheer volume of complaints about this makes it apparent that it’s a problem on RING’s end, not the end user. They need to fix this.

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I’m with @vikingnm. Multiple networks used at various locations, multiple devices with both Windows and Mac OS attempted, no firewall, no antivirus, changed download settings, reviewed and implemented other troubleshooting and “solve” recommendations, but this is still an issue. It’s not on this end; it’s on Ring’s end. I purchased a different brand for a different location, and zero issues with those downloads. Time to switch. First, I must continue downloading hundreds of videos individually for a legal matter. Absurd. Why does Ring not care about customer satisfaction and ease of use, ultimately impacting the company’s retention?

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I’m the original poster of this topic, and although the Ring person marked his own post as a ‘Solution’ and then pointed to it elsewhere as well, it was nothing of the sort. This issue continues to this day for me and is extremely frustrating.

Now based on all the other users chiming in I feel even more strongly that this issue is at Ring someplace, but apparently they refuse to bother with any real troubleshooting and instead serve platitudes.

Same issue here. I have thousands of videos to download. If I select 10 at a time, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Absolutely ridiculous. I tried calling support to see if I could use FTP or SFTP and they had no idea what FTP was. Absolute pants! Utter waste of money me buying these cameras. I have loads of footage of my house being knocked down and rebuilt, and its taking me more than a day to download each days worth of files! I cant keep up.

Same issue. Tried multiple platforms and browsers. Sometimes I can get 15. Right not only getting 4. Extremely frustrating. More frustrating is our issue is marked solved which it is not, and closed which it is not.