Neighborhood Posts Always Rejected

Just a general comment wondering if Ring is using AI to review neighborhood posts or if someone with terrible reading comprehension is actually reading them. I’ve never been able to successfully post anything in my neighborhood feed because it’s taken down in seconds after “review”. I don’t even know why I bother. My last post was just a PSA warning about someone in our area who has a penchant for shooting at cats with a pellet gun. I didn’t name them, because I have no idea who is actually doing it. I know it’s happening because I saved a stray who had its eye shot out by one. My post then gets removed for recommending violence. Wtf. I’m trying to prevent something terrible from happening… but I’m the problem?

Hi @user80056. In the Community we can assist with troubleshooting steps for certain concerns. Neighbors is not handled by us here. If you would like to get more information on why your post is denied, you can reply to the email you get when it is denied. We also have this Help Center page on Neighbors Guidelines.