My android mob does not notify me if ring or movement

I use to have a ring doorbell not long after they first became available here in the UK.
Anyway for the last year I don’t get instant notifications of doorbell or movement with ring doorbell on my android mobile which is a Honor 20 lite. I have contacted ring and was told to turn off ring and movement notifications off and then back on and works for 10 mins but then nothing at all. Hoping someone can help me on here once and for all as I also ended up buying a new ring doorbell to replace my old one with 1080 camera etc thinking it was old ring doorbell but same problem with new one. Also I have my parents signed into my account and they get notifications and I still get nothing.
I’m guessing problem must be with android mob settings can anyone please help and advise me how to resolve this once and for all please ???

Can anyone on this community forum help me please asap ??

Hi @Jose70. You’re on the Ring Community, which is a peer-to-peer forum where neighbors can interact with one another to share troubleshooting tips and tricks. The Community team will also chime in with some general assistance, but this is not a direct line to our support team and you will not receive immediate responses.

For notification concerns, I’d recommend reviewing the troubleshooting steps we have here to start with. Some Android phones may also have different settings involving the battery life that could impact how quickly you receive notifications. These settings typically have something to do with the power saver options, depending on the type of phone you have and which version of Android you’re currently running.