Multiple alarms on same app

Looking to add systems to my downstairs office and a separate system upstairs for the apartment. I would like my app to show both alarms for easy setting and unsetting on my end but need the two separate keypad and codes so employees don’t have access to the apartment. Can I set up 2 separate systems in the same building and have both on the same app login?

Hi @Starrdreamer29. You can have only one Ring Alarm security system set up for each location in the Ring App. In this case, you wouldn’t be able to have a separate alarm system for each floor of your home as it’s not designed to function that way. I hope this answers your questions. :slight_smile:

If the office has a different address to the apartment, couldn’t the user purchase two alarms and then control from the one app as each alarm operates in two locations e.g office located at 123 apple tree lane; apartment located at 123a apple tree lane.

Hi @user31490. If the apartment and office have two separate addresses, you can add a Ring Alarm at each location. The app will force you to create a second location for your second Ring Alarm. Just keep in mind that the Ring Protect Pro Plan is per location, meaning you have to subscribe to two Pro Plans even if they are in the same building if you want Professional Monitoring.