Mounting sensors

Hope this is the right place. This should be VERY east.
Door sensors. How much offset can these sensors tolerate? Not distance apart, but offset. Where I will be mounting them, looks like I’ll have a 1/4" offset.

Mounting door sensors and glass break sensors. How long will this adhesiveness last? 1 year? 10? If I remove the device, will it also remove paint? Can I mount a door sensor by adhesive and, if it doesn’t work, remove it and remount?

Any place I can ask this and get an answer?

Hi @requiredusername. We have this Help Center article with information on installing the Contact sensors. You can also post a picture of where you are planning to install the Sensor and then other neighbors or I could make suggestions on how to install the Sensor. As for how long the adhesive will last, we do not have any information on that since it can vary for every neighbor since it depends on where it is installed, how it is installed, and other conditions. Also, if you are repeatedly removing and reinstalling the Sensor, like any other device that uses double-sided tape, it will lose its original adhesive strength. I recommend minimizing the number of times you remove and reinstall the Sensor. If you have to remove the Sensor, I would recommend using a blow dryer or anything similar on just the bracket to loosen up the adhesive, which will help prevent the paint from being damaged. I hope this helps.

Only need the adhesive to work 2-3 times. Once I get it where I want it, I’ll screw it in.
Can’t find how to attach pics