Motion Sensors


I can’t get my motion sensor to trigger my alarm. The door sensor works but not the other one.

Any ideas?


Hey @Waynemc75. What mode are you in when trying to trip the Motion Sensor? Is the Motion Sensor detecting your motion and showing it is in the Ring app? Is the Motion Sensor online in the app?

Can it please be explained how to set the motion sensors so that they will sound the alarm when motion is detected?

I assume that they work like that ie trigger the Alarm when motion is detected in either Home or Away settings? Pretty pointless if not

what about supplying the customers with a decent installation manual? After all the products are not cheap but frustrating to set up with no proper manual

come on Ring you have a nice product just help the customer to install it without wasting hours going around in circles…

I know it sounds obvious but have you removed the little plastic tab which activates the device?

Hi @Mr-RAW. You can find some information on the setup of the Ring Alarm system in our Help Center Article here. This should help you get everything up and running. You can also adjust which sensors are armed in each mode via the Modes settings. I hope this helps out! :slight_smile:

By default the motion sensors don’t trigger the alarm in Home mode, only Away mode. This is the same for most systems so that you can arm Windows and Doors and still walk around your house at night.

Motion sensors work perfectly in Away mode and that’s why the app suggests to fully test the system. I recommend setting the home to Away mode whilst you are in the house and walk around. If the motion sensors aren’t working as expected but you’ve removed the tab and registered them successfuly then they may not be in the correct location in your house.

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