Motion sensor shows alway motion

I have one motion sensor that shows always motion.

Hi @Craigk. What is the Motion sensitivity set to? The Motion Sensor will always detect motion, but only sound the alarm if in the away mode. Are there any visible heat signatures in the room? Any windows or vents that could blow air?

Sorry for resurrecting old thread, I have same issue, motion sensor was fine at first then after a few weeks led to lots of false alarms, it is facing a window and there is a radiator in the field of view but it hasn’t been moved so I don’t see why these weren’t always issues.

Hi @Ratty, happy to chime in here. It is not recommended to have your Motion Detector face a window or a heat source such as a radiator, as this can and will impact the motion detection. I would recommend looking into repositioning the Motion Detector so that it isn’t facing a window or another heat source like the radiator. I hope that helps! :slight_smile: