Motion sensor setting off alarm

My motion sensors seem to always detect motion even when there is nothing in the room. Every time I leave the house and arm to away the alarm goes off saying there is motion detected. Have tried resetting the sensors but nothing seems to work.

Hi @Beanage99. I would make sure that there are no visible heat sources in the general area that your Motion Detector is located. This could be a heater, desktop computer, ceiling vents or home appliances, to name a few. These objects, and objects similar to these, produce heat which could contribute to a false alarm. Try adjusting the motion sensitivity to see if this helps.

Worth noting that the ‘Motion’ sensor is an IR sensor. It doesn’t sense movement of generic objects past it (unless they are hot) only the movement or radiation of heat.

Simply put - It sees people (and animals) as a big bag of heat wofting around.

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Thanks a lot. I ended up calling your team and seems it’s faulty so they have sent a new one to me. I’m just awaiting the delivery.

Thanks so much


Thank you so much. Seems that this time it was a faulty sensor. New one on its way ?


Hey @Beanage99. Great to hear that you got this resolved. Best of luck with your new Motion Detector.