Motion Sensor in Garage - NOT tripped when garage opens

Is this normal? Is there another sensor I should be getting for the garage door? On my previous alarm system (yuck), I just had a motion sensor in garage, nothing more.

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Hey @Venice. Are you talking about a Motion Detector that works with the Ring Alarm system? We do not recommend using these within a garage, as it’s more for inside the home usage. We do have a tilt sensor that is professionally monitored, which you can purchase here and try out instead!

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Hello @Chelsea_Ring - can you see the Tilt Sensor in the Ring app? I read some highly critical reviews of this item - folks saying it is not a Ring product and is not integrated with the app.

Will it show as a device on the app?

I am leaning towards a contact sensor between the edge of the garage door and the adjacent wall. This should work fine, correct?


_We do have a tilt sensor that is professionally monitored, which you can purchase here and try out instead! _

The description of the product says it is NOT covered by professional monitoring:

“This device is not covered by professional monitoring and will not trigger your Ring Alarm.”

Can you clarify? Thanks.

@Venice We did get some feedback on neighbors for how it showed up in the app and have made improvements since. Although, what this note means in the product page is that it is not professionally Monitored, but it will still work with the Ring Alarm as it will let you know when it is opened/closed. Although, if this is tripped when armed, it cannot set off your alarm. We recommend to have a contact sensor on the inside of the home for any garage doors so that if these are tripped, they will trigger the alarm. I’ll attach a screenshot from a fellow coworker’s system so you can see what this looks like in the app! :slight_smile:

Hello Chelsea: I installed a sensor on the door - seems to do the trick! thanks

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I brought this alarm to replace my current alarm system - there is a motion sensor in the garage (integrated garage) which I want to replace, are you saying I can’t do that and if so why?

Hi @chez2. As mentioned in this thread, the Ecolink Garage Door Tilt Sensor is compatible with the Ring Alarm and will show up in the Ring app so you know when your garage door is open or closed. However, it will not trigger the Ring Alarm and it is not professionally monitored. Only Ring Contact Sensors and Motion Detectors will trigger the Ring Alarm. I hope this helps clear things up.