Motion detector shoeing tampered message on app

Hi. I have 2nd generation system that i installed in my house. I have 3 motion detectors, 2 contact sensors, camera and bell. All seem to work fine except one of the motion detectors. It keeps on giving a tampered message. I tried to remove it from network and add it again as well as do a complete reset and add it again but eh tampered message does not go away. Can someone please help on any steps to remove the tampered message ?

Kind regards

Hi @Amolp76. The Tampered message indicates that the cover is not fully in place. If the cover of the Motion Detector is fully snapped into place, the Tampered message should go away. Try double-checking that the cover is properly in place. If that doesn’t clear the message, it may also be due to a connection issue. If this Motion Detector is particularly far from the Base Station, try moving it closer and checking if this clears the message.