Modes Are Not Available — which set off my alarm 🚨

Thanks to this app, which is up to date and I was even connected to my WiFi and even could view through the cameras, it wouldn’t let me disarm my alarm which alerted my whole street due to it blaring through all external cameras! Which of course didn’t let me shut off even when I used the keypad! :1234:

I’m reconsidering this system entirely at this point.

Hi @user46339. On May 26, 22:29 UTC, an issue was identified that caused Modes to be unavailable. This prevented Ring Alarm devices from changing status via the Ring app or Alexa. As of May 26, 23:16 UTC, this issue was resolved, and you should be able to change Modes in the Ring app without issue. You can always check if you experience performance issues with the Ring app.

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