Mode Schedule - Do not override Away Mode

Hi Ring Team:

Can you enhance the Mode Schedules that have been recently introduced to the Ring App? I would like the ability to disarm daily at a certain time every morning, but only want it to disarm when it’s in Home Mode, not Away Mode. Reason for this is that Home Mode is used at night before going to bed. Away mode will be used when I’m not at home, and I do not want the alarm to disarm when I’m away for the weekend or away for vacation for a while.

Thank you!

I waited impatiently it seems like forever to get the scheduling pushed to my app. You would think with all of the “testing” it would be a more finished product. It is certainly not. I scheduled my first “Arm Home” schedule in case someone forgot to arm the system. This is a GREAT idea! I have a household of people who seem to forget everything and plan nothing. They are family; so what can you do? As I created my fist EVER schedule… I hoped as I did so that Ring engineers would have thought to check the state of the Ring security system, before making a change. No. They did not even think of the first thought that popped into my head when I planned to use a schedule for the very first time. Seems like a simple thing to me really. If the system is ARMED already do not change the ARMED STATE unless the program states to do so upon creation. Same for a DISARMED state. You really do not want to be on vacation with your house set to ARMED AWAY and your schedule arms HOME or even worse DISARMS. You also want to disarm a system on a schedule (normally) and you should have an option to make an arm and disarm schedule that a MANUAL setting of Arm home or AWAY “pauses the schedule”. Simple really. If I schedule it, it follows the schedule UNLESS it is manually set to a specific setting. Armed (any state) or disarmed manually the schedule is not followed (paused) until it is “unpaused”. I would even send a notification to question this 1 minute before the schedule makes the change and ask to allow or not (pause the schedule or “play” it). But hey… that is me. So, I have a dumb scheduler that I have to turn on and off or just manually do everything to match my usage. It could be so much better than this? I have no idea why beta took so long if it is such a basic feature that has no logic to it at all. !!!

Guys, seriously. You could really do better than this.



Please implement automatic cycle, via schedule, through Mode Settings. Example: my family has a fixed schedule during weekdays and a fixed schedule during weekends, so I would like the Away Mode to start let’s say at 07:50, to switch to Disarmed Mode to 12:30 and to switch to Home Mode to 22:00 during weekdays.

Given that most security systems are using schedules pre-defined by the customers (including even vacations and public hollidays) having implemente by RING such a schedule for each Mode setting would be much appreciated.

Also, such a feature will decrease Wi-Fi bandwidth consumption, cloud uploads number, total size of footages from the cloud and will increase battery life too.

Thank you!


Request: Add a “Vacation” mode to the app along with the current modes of “Disarmed”, “Home”, and “Away”. This new mode should allow for users to input a date range of expected travel, such that police response time can be drastically reduced / immediate if an individual or family is on travel. This mode should allow the user to have pre-configured settings that are separate than the other modes if necessary. Potential to add a T/F statement slide bar that states, “Same as Away” to reduce burden on those that don’t need to adjust settings for pets when going on vacation. The App should still send the standard “away” command to the devices as to not indicate that a family or individual is actually “On Vacation” to a burglar or intruder.

Rationale: As someone that travels quite a bit and has a pet, I often have to reconfigure some of my settings before I leave for either personal or work related travel. Re-adjusting the settings can be quite tedious and things can often be missed that I normally wouldn’t have my “away” setting too when I have my dog in the house and I’m out getting dinner or at the store. To my knowledge there’s nothing in the current App that notifies a dispatch that someone is planned to be away from their home for an extended amount of time which can place an unnecessary delay in police response as the ring alarm is waiting for some sort of confirmation of accidental trip. This way, when the logic for the alarm is going off, if the alarm is set to vacation and within the expected travel dates, then that gives the instant notification to the local PD that an individual or family is clearly on travel away from their home and not able to respond to this issue any time soon requiring immediate response.


Simple fixes for obvious flaws

Reviewed in the United States on August 7, 2022

Style: Ring Alarm

I have tried to reach out to them regarding their software without luck…
2 Major flaws that could be easily fixed…
1.) No vacation mode option, so if you have a routine scheduled (like most), the schedule will turn on / off your alarm while out of town. Can’t figure why they haven’t fixed this.
2.) The motion alert that announces “your being recorded” can not be snoozed. So when your working on your yard and turn it off because it’s annoying or have guests over. You have to remeber to turn it back on. What makes this lack of function lame is, there is a Snooze option already, but doesn’t snooze for a preset time the annoying announcement. You turn it off manually, and usually for get to turn it back on…
These are trivial things that I mentioned to them years ago… Not a good customer feedback loop for simple fixes… I guess they are making to much money to care.

Thank you for finally adding Mode Schedules. As you know, this allows a user to arm or disarm every day. For example, I have mine arm nightly at 9pm and disarm at 8am. this is great, EXCEPT when we’re actually out of town and then it switches from AWAY to HOME ARMED and then the next morning it’s completely disarmed!!

Mode scheduling should include one other option – schedule only when _____. That way, we can have it switched to HOME ARMED at 9pm when the system is currently disarmed. And then the next morning if we are out of town, it won’t flip back to DISARMED.

This should be a simple feature to add to make mode scheduling useful. The current workaround is go to a few menu options deep when we’re out for the evening to switch modes, and then also remember to switch modes in the morning!

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Currently, I have set mode schedules to arm the system at night and disarm in the morning while in stay mode. If I step out of town for a few days and arm the system in “Away Mode” the system will disarm next morning due to mode schedule. This is serious security issue. So, I have to remember to disable mode schedule every time I step out of town. It will be nice to have an option to disarm the system with mode schedule only if was armed in “stay mode”.

I have the same issue, I’ve had away mode downgraded to stay, then down to disarm via the mode schedule. It needs a control to ignore if mode set to away


I was going to request the same. I set my alarm at night manaully to Home mode at night,. and have a schedule to disarm it in the morning at 6am. But it will just disarm the alarm every morning regardless. If I go away like you say you have to remember to turn it off. The schedule should allow you to say if in a certain mode then disarm/alarm. Not just a blanket disarm/alarm

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I’ve been looking for this also! This is a major security issue. I have to remember to disable my schedule or my house gets set to disarmed.

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exactly the same here. I have gone away and forgotten about the schedules. There really needa to be an option to tell schedules not to over-ride manually set modes.
it should have been included when the feature was added.

Totally agree!!
That’s exactly what I want! It should come with an option not to disarm the system when it’s in the away mode!!

Well, I joined the community just to vote on this security risk.

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An alarm mode schedule should NOT be allowed to LOWER the alarm status from “Away and Armed” to a lower level (such as “Home and Armed” or “Disarmed”).

The reasons are obvious.

Scenario #1:
For example, consider a scenario where you have an alarm mode schedule that turns off your alarm each morning so that you can retrieve the newspaper from your driveway. If you need to run an errand earlier than that time, you would not want to set the alarm manually, then discover it had been turned off by an alarm mode schedule – leaving your home unprotected.

Scenario #2:
Another example would be a scenario where you have an alarm mode schedule that changes your alarm status from “Disarmed” to “Home and Armed”. If you needed to run an errand, you would not want to set the alarm manually, then discover that your alarm status had been changed to a lower level of security while you were gone.

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We have this same problem.

We have schedules set up for morning (disarm) and evening (home armed). When we leave for a multi-day trip, we set the alarm to ‘away armed’. When evening arrives, the schedule downgrades the alarm mode to ‘home armed’, then the next morning the schedule disarms the alarm.

The problem is, we’re still away, and the alarm, ideally, should still be set to ‘away armed’. This seems like a flaw the design. There should be an option to disable the schedule from downgrading the alarm mode if the system is set to ‘away armed’.

No movement on this issue? I have the same complaint… if the system is armed in away mode, the schedule should not change it to home/armed mode. How about it, Ring?

Alarm Mode Schedule is great, but needs additional features. For example, if I am traveling and already set the alarm to “Away” manually, then I don’t want it to trigger my scheduled “Home” mode. So need to have the ability to trigger or disable schedules based on the current active mode (e.g if away mode is active then don’t trigger home mode schedule)

On the Ring Alarm, I have a daily schedule to arm as Home status daily at 9:30 pm. if I leave home, I arm at Away, but if I’m late my schedule overrides that as Home. The schedule should have an option to not override a manual arming of the alarm.

I would like to propose adding a conditional option to the current Mode Schedules option to check the current mode before running the automation. The most common use case I can think of is to check if current-mode == away then skip automation. The reason for this would be to avoid having to turn off the schedule when traveling, etc. so that the alarm doesn’t disarm itself every day.

How hard can this be? Pretty basic feature request to prevent a scheduled task from running if in Away mode