Low hanging Fruit Suggestions

  1. Please put date & time stamp on video displays as this assists in documenting evidence for police or legal cases.

  2. When a recorded video is downloaded it saves with a file name consisting of the date downloaded. Please fix to save with the date and time the video recording was created as the file name. I’m having to manually go in save each individual recording, and rename them each individually. This makes for a very tedicious and time consuming process as I’ve already spent over 6 hours, and only have about a month of recordings completed at this time.

  3. Please create a select all, or select time period to save multiple dates video recordings for downloading. Instead of having to download each recording individually, and then having to manually rename each file to show the correct date the video was initially recorded.

  4. Please include a visual alert on the app and website above the camera icons that says that the recordings will be deleted every so many number of days.