Kwikset lock Shared Users lose access periodically

My wife is a Shared User in the Ring App with full access to the security system and cameras. We have a Kwikset door lock installed and connected to the Ring App.

Periodically, my wife loses access to the door lock and cannot unlock the door via her keypad code. I have to go into the app and turn her Access Code Permission back on for the Kwikset Lock. She doesn’t ever lose Access Code Permission for the Ring Alarm System, only the door lock.

Hi @user24277. Are you noticing that the Kwikset Lock loses connection or becomes unresponsive for you at any point in time? Or is it only that the Shared User permission for the lock is toggled off? You could try removing your wife entirely as a Shared User and then adding her back to see if that resolves this concern.

Did you ever find a solution for this issue? Ours is doing the exact same thing. Periodically every shared user has code access to the lock disabled. My code access, however, remains.