Kwikset Home Connect 620 integration

The Kwikset Home Connect 620 Z-Wave smart lock is advertised by Kwikset as being compatible with Ring, and is also marketed as replacing the existing Kwikset 888, 910, and 914 products that are all compatible and integrated with the Ring Alarm. I’d like to request that this new lock be integrated into the ecosystem to allow for feature parity with the existing retired locks.

Ditto the request! I was expecting “auto lock “ features and schedule lock capabilities. I can use the ring app to “lock and unlock” zwave lock, but it seems there is some missing features. Geofencing and some features are needed. Kwikset surprisingly doesn’t seem to have an active app for the 620 model. Kwikset has drop the ball, but I know Ring will improve their mistakes…. Thank you ring!

I also would like the Kwikset 620 integrated.

Make it happen now! This should already just work!