Issue with keypad showing arm/disarm


I have noticed an issue with my Ring Alarm keypad, when changing modes the display always shows disarmed even though the app will show the system as away/home if they have been armed accordingly.

secondly there is now a long delay between arming the system via the keypad or the app. I don’t know what would cause this as the keypad is positioned 1 meter away from the base unit and never used to occur previously. The keypad is also continuously plugged in and charged.

I’ve checked the firmware and everything is up to date.

any help or advice would be appreciated.

Hi @Icesingh. For this concern, I would try to perform a reboot on your Keypad. This can be done with a pushpin or a paperclip sized object. On the backside of your keypad by the QR code, you’ll notice a small reset hole. Gently press and release the pushpin in the reset hole and your Keypad will reboot. This should prompt the Keypad to behave normally. I hope this information helps!