Introducing the Ring Alarm Outdoor Contact Sensor

The Ring team is always working to bring you devices you want for your home security needs, which is why we are excited to announce the Ring Alarm Outdoor Contact Sensor! This easy-to-install Alarm sensor expands your Ring of Security outdoors for more peace of mind. The Outdoor Contact Sensor requires Ring Alarm or Ring Alarm Pro to work, and will be available for preorder starting on September 28, 2021. Learn more below:

  • Using Z-Wave technology to connect to your Ring Alarm, the Outdoor Contact Sensor will now allow you to help secure outdoor gates, sheds, guesthouses, storage containers, and windows.
  • Get mobile alerts when the sensor is triggered, or set the sensor to automatically activate your Ring Alarm siren when armed in Home or Away mode.
  • Its wireless and weather resistant design is suitable for outdoor use in most climates.
  • Plus, if you’ve enrolled in the optional Professional Monitoring on an eligible Ring Protect plan, you can choose to receive a call from the monitoring center when the Outdoor Contact Sensor is triggered, and request emergency assistance if needed.
  • Currently offered with a Grey finish. See below.

For more information about the Ring Alarm Outdoor Contact Sensor and its features, check out the Help Center article.

We want to hear what you think of the new Outdoor Contact Sensor and how you plan to use it. Reply below with your feedback and questions.


Hi @Riley_Ring,

Do you know when this will be available in the UK?


another product that australia misses out on.

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Hi there, neighbors! The Outdoor Contact Sensor ships within the U.S. (excluding territories) and Canada, at this time. We appreciate your feedback and interest in availability, and will surely share it with our teams here. Keep an eye here on the Community or at for updates. :slight_smile:

With the outdoor contact sensor, do you also need the chime pro? Unclear if this is stand alone on a gate or shed.

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Hi @KD5. The Ring Alarm Outdoor Contact Sensor does not operate off of wifi. For this reason, the Chime Pro will not aide in the Signal Strength. Instead, you will need the Range Extender that comes with the Ring Alarm kit. I hope this helps!

Have been using this new sensor on my garage overhead door for a couple of weeks now, to extend the capabilities of my Ring Alarm, and it’s been great. One piece of the contact affixed to the door and one to the frame, so when the overhead door slides up it registers the contact as Open.

Since it gets cold where I live, down to -35C at times in the winter, using this sensor instead of the typical white sensor is very important. The temperature rating is down to -20C but I’m hoping it will survive the winter since the inside of our garage door presumably doesn’t reach the same low temperatures as outdoors!

For anyone considering buying this, keep in mind it’s quite a bit bigger than the white sensors. If it’s going to fit in a tight space, you’ll want to make some measurements first.

This is now available in the UK from and Amazon:
Alarm Outdoor Contact Sensor – Ring


@Riley_Ring when will this item be available on amazon as part of the 10% discount for protect subscribers? the discount works on but I’d rather purchase through amazon since I have the prime card

I just installed one of my two new Outdoor Contact Sensors for use on outdoor gates. My one gate could not be installed flush because of gate design, but got a bracket from Home Depot and was able to install it all right but on the opposite end of the gate door. I did everything properly, I think, and it seems to work well. BUT that damn “Tamper” notation is indicated all over for it. There was no tampering and the unit was properly installed. There must be a way to shut off the tamper indicator when its clear that there was NO tampering and installation was proper.

Anyone have similar experience? I noticed on reviews elsewhere that many others complained of this tamper issue and believe that this may be the result of a design flaw.

Hi @BTB44. The “Tampered” message indicates that the cover on the Contact Sensor isn’t completely snapped into place. I’d recommend double-checking this and ensuring the cover is snapped firmly into place. If the cover is in place and the “Tampered” message is still showing, it could be a connection issue. Try testing the Contact Sensor to see if it registers Opened/Closed status properly as well.