Installation Instructions versus What is in kit

I purchased 3 of the Ring Spotlight Wired Camera’s. In the box is a star looking screwdriver with some sort of security head, yet there are no screws in the box that it will fit. All 3 boxes have one e of those drivers in it. The screws in all 3 boxes are phillips head, including the long one that keeps the camera from being taken. What is the star looking screwdriver for?
I also noticed there are no drill bits in any of the cameras. What size concrete drill bit for the mounting screws? What size is the hole for the cord?

Hi @e6e513a555f1137c93cfac1096368b. The box your Spotlight Cam Wired came in should include all of the pieces you need for installation.

What comes in the box?

  • Ring Spotlight Cam
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Phillips bit
  • Screwdriver
  • Drill bit
  • Installation screw & anchors
  • Cable clips

There were some changes made to the screwdriver itself that was sent with some Ring products. Does the included screwdriver have an orange handle or a blue handle? The orange-handled screwdriver had a two-sided reversible bit, while the blue-handled screwdriver has a single, built-in star-shaped T15 bit for the security screws.

Mine all have the Blue handle, but there are no security screws in any of the 3 boxes. I have also removed all the packing and there are no drill bits. I am assuming since 3 of 3 have neither the screws or the drill bits, there is an issue at the packing Facility?
I am trying to migrate from Digital Life, but Ring really needs to step it up with the QA. This is really frustrating having to call in and ask for parts to be shipped. This will be my 3rd callin for missing hardware.

@e6e513a555f1137c93cfac1096368b Yes, I would recommend following up with our support team if there are parts missing from what should be in the packaging. Thank you for sharing your feedback about this, I’ll be sure to pass it onto the appropriate team as well.