In general recommend 2nd gen ring alarm in UK?

I know sometimes we get less, or eventually get, updates, features etc in UK, compared to the US. So in general do you recommend the Ring alarm in UK?

I’m thinking of upgrading my alarm, from an old wired system, that rarely use, to a Ring alarm. I have a doorbell, and rear cam spotlight as well, so will have to upgrade to the £80/year for all these now to - worth it?

I like the idea of the app integration, the ability to arm when forgot, notifications etc.

Is it easy to setup? Is everything completely wireless apart from the base that needs a socket to be plugged in?

How often do the batteries need changing on the devices?

I’ve read a bit about the outside siren, seems some poor design choices imo. Why need 2 power sources for dusk to dawn? Why if wired permanently powered need 2 power sources? Obviously I want this high up, out of way for easy access, so how often do you need to change/charge batteries? I would probably go with the C cell, and ring battery, but no solar.


Hi @L1111. The Ring Alarm is a great system. This system is completely wireless, aside from the Base Station. It is a DIY system that can usually be set up and running in about an hour. The battery life will vary depending on use, but they do last for a few years in my personal experience. With most battery-powered devices, in outside-cold weather, you will notice a decrease in battery life.

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Thanks it does sound decent. Just wondering if all the features are in UK that the US have?

Also could you answer about the outdoor siren please


Hi @L1111. I’ve addressed you Outdoor Siren question in that post. Since the US and UK are different regions, they have slightly different features. For example, US has Professional Monitoring and the UK has Assisted Monitoring. You can find all of the features for the Ring Alarm in the UK on

Hey @user51307, thanks for sharing your experience with the Ring Alarm here for @L1111. The Ring Community is a public forum that serves as a space for neighbors to interact with one another. It is not a direct line to our support team, and the moderation team is here to moderate the forum and assist with general questions. We often try to share self-service options for support, such as our Help Center, alongside general troubleshooting tips and tricks.

@L1111 You might find this Ring Alarm FAQ helpful in getting an overview of the Ring Alarm system. Essentially, it is an almost entirely wireless alarm system that you can control from the Ring app. This doesn’t change going from the US to the UK. There is some variance in the features available, such as Assisted Monitoring rather than Professional Monitoring. A breakdown of Assisted Monitoring can be found here, which is a feature available with the Ring Protect Plus plan. Check here for more information on what features the Ring Protect Plus plan entails. For the Outdoor Siren, here is information on the different power sources you can use.

We don’t have a specific time range for how long the batteries will last in a particular device, given that there are so many factors that affect battery life. The weather, connectivity, and amount of activity or traffic will all impact how often a battery needs to be changed in a device. As such, we don’t want to set the wrong expectation for neighbors. For the most part, the batteries in the Ring Alarm devices don’t need to be changed out that often, though excessive activity or extreme weather conditions would affect this.

Thanks for trying. I’m surprised it hasn’t been tested and at least give an estimate, every other system seems to be able to answer…

So I’ve bought and got most stuff working, haven’t done the outdoor siren yet though.

I’ve subscribed to protect plus though as already had a video doorbell, and back outdoor camera.

Regarding the outdoor and hardwire, you say you still need a Ring rechargeable battery as well in there? I thought having a hardwire option you’d only need the D cells and hardwire?

I’m now thinking, eventually when I get around to it, if decommissioning my old burglar alarm, but somehow use the existing wire of the outdoor siren somehow. Even if I just use the wire and some adapter?

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