I seem to be missing some protect plan features. Am I wrong?

Hi all,

Until recently I had a single camera on the basic protect plan.

When I moved house, I bought additional cameras and upgraded to the plus protect plan. I was initially placed on a trial, with billing to occur 21 March - all good.

Last weekend, I purchased the alarm and set it all up. However, certain features are not available to me in the app. For example, if I go to Control Centre, Settings, Alerts and try to set up real-time alerts for my alarm, I get the message “You need a Ring Protect Plan”.

I spoke with numerous chat agents. No help.

Called via the support number and the guy told me it was because I did not have assisted monitoring enabled. And effectively forced me to enable that (which I was not planning to do until next week as not all sensors etc. are up yet due to decorating).

With assisted monitoring enabled. Nothing has changed.

Also noticed today that when I go to devices, base station it shows the mobile signal icon with a strike through - another thing that seems odd.

Pretty fed up of speaking to multiple support agents on this now. Seems to me that the trial that I was given for the cameras is still active and is not allowing the protect plus with alarm trial to be recognized.

Anyone had similar and managed to resolve?

Hi @mahow1977. We do not have access to account or device details here on the Ring Community, but we’re happy to try and resolve this via general troubleshooting suggestions. If possible, can you share a screenshot showing which alert setting you were trying to enable? Additionally, it would also be helpful to see a screenshot of the icon you’re seeing for the Base Station.