Help with choosing system

I’m having a heck of a time trying to figure out where to put the system. I like to keep the alarm on even while at home, but I don’t want to be setting off the motion sensor every time I walk into the kitchen or den. Any tips on how to manage this?

Originally, I figured I’d keep the set up like I have with my old system - no motion detector but an alarm on all windows and doors. But, from what I can tell, Ring doesn’t have sensors to detect if someone breaks the glass to get in. I do not have Alexa or whatever else is suggested. I’m not very tech-savvy so I’m not about to try setting up some other computerized thing.

Also, how wide of a range is the motion sensor? Like, if I put it in a corner, will the whole room be monitored or just part of it?

Thank you!

Hi @ChiGSD. I think you’ll find this Help Center article here very helpful. It highlights the best options for sensor placement. Keep in mind, you’ll be able to toggle off alerts from sensors you don’t want to be set off at the time, but still go off when your system is armed. :slightly_smiling_face: