Help pls on building a system (comparability of various Ring devices)

Hi, I’m new to Ring products and want to build a camera / alarm system piece by piece, as funds allow!
My question is do all Ring products work together ? For example our doorbell is a 2nd gen, so do I now have to buy other items that are also “2nd Gen”
So far we have a 2nd gen doorbell and 3 x battery stick up cams and also a wired-in Floodlight ‘Plus’
Next step feels like an alarm panel with motion/door sensors etc but I see these come in various options, 1st gen, 2nd gen etc

I’d be really grateful to hear the advice of the wise ones - many thanks !

Hi @JPA. For Ring Cameras and Doorbells to work together, they do not need to be of the same generation. The same holds true for Cameras and Doorbells when linked with the Ring Alarm. Also, we have our Help Center here with very helpful articles; just type in what you are looking for in the search bar. :slightly_smiling_face: