Hardwired Ring Siren (and works) but app says not hardwired, battery drained


I have a Ring Siren that is hardwired in, it also has the rechargable batteries. It works as I can go to the app and flash the lights and sound the siren.

However the Ring app states that it’s not hardwired, there is no battery pack and no D batteries. The latter is correct, but the siren is hardwired and does have the rechargable batteries in.

If I go the History for the device, it is stating that the Quick Release battery Pack is very low and then a day later statews that the Quick release battery pack is out of power.

I can see that somebody else had this issue here

I’m reluctant to remove the siren from the app as it’s at the top of the house and requires a cherry picker or scaffolding to get to it if things go wrong.

I have used the “Try connection again” to see if that works and nothing changed.

Any advice welcomed.



Hi @rwillett. Since the Ring Community is a public forum and we can’t see any device information, it’s tricky to offer much general troubleshooting on this concern outside of removing the Outdoor Siren and taking it through a fresh setup in the Ring app. I would also recommend ensuring the wiring was completed correctly and that the Quick-Release Battery is firmly in place, although this would also involve accessing the device as most troubleshooting steps would.

You can find more information on hardwiring the Outdoor Siren here. If this persists, please follow up with our support team at one of the numbers available here at a time when you’re able to physically access the Outdoor Siren. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

The Siren uses DC power where polarity is important, so its likely you just need to swap the cables over on the siren and it should register as hardwired.

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Thanks for this. It’s wired correctly, it was checked as it was put up when we had scaffolding and we knew it wasn’t going to be easy to correct any problems. Things like batteries and polarity were checked (and checked again) and we used the app to ensure it was all OK. The app recorded that it was hard wired, that it had rechargables batteries in and didn’t have the D batteries in. We checked the LED’s, the sirens from the app and there were no issues. This was around June this year and it started going wrong begining of October.

I really hope that I don’t have to get a cherry picker in to sort this problem out


I’ve the same problem siren hard wired with correct polarity and rechargeable battery fitted but my app appears to state that it’s not hard wire. Did you resolve your problem.

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