Hard wired

Hi can anyone tell me if I need to change this wiring to accommodate my ring doorbell? I haven’t changed anything, wired it up and it works correctly but I’m worried if I don’t I could run into trouble later. There is another light grey wire that can’t be seen clearly, it’s paired to another grey wire. Thanks in advance.

Hi @user31177. Can you please confirm which model of Video Doorbell you have? You can find the model name on the packaging or on the Device Health page in the Ring app. The installation instructions can vary depending on which Doorbell model you have.

It’s this one. Thanks again

@user31177 Thanks for that confirmation. When installing the Video Doorbell Wired, you will need to make sure the bypass cable is installed. The bypass cable disables and isolates your existing doorbell chime. This is necessary for your Video Doorbell Wired to get the power it needs. For a breakdown of the instructions, check out this Help Center article.

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