Geofence stop camera recording while home

I was going to set up an inside ring camera but don’t want it to record while I’m home. Apparently this isn’t possible!?

Use case: put a camera in your bedroom to record and alert if someone goes in there while you aren’t home. When you are home, you don’t want it recording you.

Seems like a pretty basic idea but ring doesn’t have the concept of not recording. They only think of alerting? Or am I missing something somewhere? I’d also like snoozing recording/motion detection vs just snoozing alerts but I’ll put that in another request.

FWIW I have an eight year old arlo camera that has done it since then!

Is this already posted somewhere? I couldn’t find it

Hi @Finch. If you have a Ring Protect Plan, you can utilize the Modes feature to control how your Camera behaves. For example, you can disable motion detection and recording for the Camera inside under Home Mode. When you get home, you can toggle to Home Mode to have your inside Camera no longer detect and record motion. You can learn more here.

Is there any way to have it activate “Home Mode” or “Deactivated Mode” when entering the geofence (arriving home). I only see the option to have a reminder chime, but I still have to manually change the mode every time I return home. Very tedious.

Hi @user41615. At this time, the Geofence feature will not automatically change the Mode on your system, it will send a reminder for you to change the Mode. You can find a request for this functionality here to add your feedback and vote.

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