Front door always in open mode

I’ve just purchased and installed a Ring system; 2 contact sensors for front and back doors and 2 motion detectors for a couple of rooms. I tested them all out and all worked apart from the front door, which is for some reason now stuck in ‘open’ mode which means I have to bypass it each time I arm the system. Yes, the magnet on the door is not fully flush with the main section on the frame but this is also the case with the back door, and that works fine. Please help!

Hi @JonStockport. It sounds like to two pieces of your Contact Sensor are too far apart. Could you upload a picture or video of how it is mounted? This will help me to confirm what the issue is here.

Thanks for getting back to me. I have uploaded an image - the back door is the same but works fine.

Hi @JonStockport, chiming in here for Tom. The two pieces of your Contact Sensor should be less than 2.5 cm apart. You can find some installation tips here. If your Contact Sensor is constantly registering as open, the best troubleshooting step would be to try and bring the two pieces closer together to see if the Sensor shows as closed.

@Caitlyn_Ring Many thanks for your response but how can I move the segments now that they are fixed in place and if I do, will the adhesive work again as effectively?

@JonStockport I’d recommend trying to move the two pieces as close together as possible without impeding operation of the door. I’d also recommend testing the placement before adhering them to the door again. The original packaging for Contact Sensors includes double-sided sticky tape, similar to what is used for 3M Command Hooks. When I moved, I used extra adhesives from a pack of 3M Command Hooks to hang my Contact Sensors and they have stayed put. You can use any similar sort of double-sided adhesive since the Contact Sensors aren’t very heavy.

Many thanks for your advice - I will give it a go.