Floodlight security camera heigth

If I install the floodlight camera 24’ high will that cause a problem with motion detection and/or video clarity?

Hi @Rglippa. Just for clarity, you’re installing the Floodlight Camera only 2 feet off the ground? We recommend installing around 9 feet above the ground for proper positioning, which you can learn more about in our Ring Help Center Article here!

No, I am installing the floodlight security camera 24 feet off the ground. Is that going to be a problem?

@Rglippa Ah, makes more sense! I wasn’t too sure but I see you meant feet now, my apologizes. It can definitely pose for some concerns, as you will most likely have to point the camera very far downward, which will result in the PIR sensor being almost “hidden” as it’ll face inward, towards the wall. The PIR sensor bulb on the bottom will need to be parallel to the ground, which may have the camera looking too far outward. If you can maybe bring down the installation height by half, I would say with a max of 12 feet high, that may be a better experience.

Feel free to also try it out, and if it’s less than ideal, I would look into a new installation area or maybe a Spotlight Cam Battery instead that has more flexibility with where to install it, as it’s battery operated. In addition, you could even go for the Spotlight Wired, which just needs a standard outlet to plug into, but still gives you the same wired features you would get on the Floodlight Cam!