Floodlight camera snapshot capture and color night vision interaction

I installed my first floodlight cam yesterday. I have both color night vision and snapshot capture options turned on.

When it’s dark, do the lights turn on for each snapshot because color night vision is on?

When I scanned through the snapshots this morning, the lights were on in each snapshot.

If that is what’s happening are the lights flashing on an off all night or are the lights on continuously?

I have the light schedule off, and no motion was detected for most of the night.

Both GOOD Questions !

I just installed my Floodlight Camera today on my patio.

Looking forward to the responses.

Do you have linked devices turned on?

I plan to use linked devices, but haven’t done it yet. Can you answer for both cases?


Yes, on a pair of my devices, detached garage and the back door. The floodlight camera I would like to have multiple sensitivity settings is on my front door.