Flood Light Cam: flood Light staying on after restart

My Ring flood Light Has been working great since I installed it. The other night the light was staying on and the camera was not functioning correctly. I turned off the breaker and let the cam restart and the lights stayed on. I restarted the cam (pressed restart for 20 sec) and went to reset up the cam. The bottom light never blinked (it turned Green for a sec and the light blinked) went though the set up process and when I get to the network set up the cam does not build the WiFi connection (WiFi coverage is great, no network changes). Please let me if there are any other steps I am missing or is the cam broken? Thank for the help.

Hi @Tmansman. Resetting the Floodlight Cam is a good troubleshooting step to take. After that, I’d suggest walking through a new setup with the Floodlight Cam by using the steps under Set Up a Device. If the setup process fails, try the troubleshooting steps here to get your Floodlight Cam reconnected to wifi. Should those steps not work, please follow up with our support team to take a closer look.