Fermax 3321 with error p16-33-20032001

I tried to test the fermax 3321 with ring intercom which is compatible but I get error p16-33-20032001

The 3 wires are well connected and tested for connectivity for +, - and L.

Don’t know what to do anymore, perhaps the fermax is not really compatible.

Hi @lluis2k. Welcome to the Ring Community!

We’d be happy to take a closer look at this with you. Please send us a screenshot of the error message you’re receiving, a picture of the wiring and another picture of the case of your current intercom. Our team will then be able to investigate this further. We look forward to hearing back from you.

Hi @Sam_Ring here all the pictures:

  1. no error during first test (I heard the music sound from intercom)

  2. error that I get after the first test, on second test:

  3. error that I see now always during test, after second test:

wiring: I checked and rechecked several times and I have connection testing with a tester, also I get a sound the first time I ring with the TEST, so I wouldn’t get a sound if not well connected.

All in on pic because your forum doesn’t let me upload more than 1 image in one post.

I want to add that I get a new repalcement and I get the same problems. During first test I get no error and I heard the sound, but then during the openning door test the door is not opened but I hear the sound “your door is opened” from the intercom and also a notification in the app. But the door is never opened. Starting again the test gives no test sound anymore, also by deleting the device and add again from the QR doesn’t solve anything.

Is frustrating because it says that fermax 3321 is compatible and both Ring Intercoms give a sound on first test and not anymore. but any of them opened the door in the test, also trying to press ‘all is working’ no door is opened when ringing the intercom, only the sound.