Essential features that are missing


Ring user here, using it in 4 houses.

After some time using Ring if I am honest I am a bit dissapointed with the lack of some BASIC features:

  1. Outdoor motion sensor. All my houses have a yard and I have one that is in construction. I had three times where people entered in my property (construction site) and Ring alarm did not detect anything because they were outside of the house. Of course I got some notifications from the cameras, but the alarm did not trigger. Also we got robbed in another house while we were at the house at night (sleeping). A guy jumped or wall and stole a few stuff we had in our terrace. Again alarm was not triggered as he remained outside the houseā€¦ Having cameras outside is good but a sensor is mandatory.

  2. Filtering videos. Quite surprised an Amazon backed company has that simple filtering instead an advanced one.

  3. Option to disable LED light when motion is detected.

  4. Camera that can be moved remotely to check everything is alright in case of alarm trigger.