Download Error message

Hi Guys, Just tried to download a number of history videos from different cameras it came back with a CODE error message. I won’t post the URL here but if you need to know message or email me directly.

<-----/ start cut /—>
“error”: “Bad Gateway”,
“status_code”: 502
<—/ end cut /---->

I was able to click the individual download icon for each one and that worked, it was purely when selecting manage, checking the boxes and clicking dowload. It goes away saying could take a couple of minute to get them ready and then fell over…

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This must be a global problem because the same thing happened to me. I hope they find a solution!

Hi neighbors. How many videos are you trying to download at once? Which web browser are you using? I’d be happy to check with my team once I have a little more information.

Happening to me also. Same error message when trying to download any number of videos >1. I’m using latest version of Firefox: 113.0.2.

I checked in with my team regarding this error, and the minor issue that caused it should be resolved now. Try downloading your videos from again and let me know if that works.