Door Sensor Continuously Beeping when door is ope

I’ve had this same problem with a 1st Gen sensor. The first time it happened I replaced the sensor with a new 1st Gen sensor and that corrected the problem. It happened again with the same sensor about a year later. This time I just deleted the sensor from the Ring application and then just added it back like it was a new sensor. The problem corrected and I haven’t had any issues for about a week. I agree with a previous poster that this appears to be a software glitch that needs to be corrected.

I’m now having the same issue. When I open my sliding glass door with a sensor installed, it continuosly beeps from about 15 seconds to more then 30 seconds (this morning it didn’t seem like it was going to stop and I pulled the battery).

It appears this problem has been going on for almost a year now and Ring doesn’t seem to have a solution.

Very disappointing Ring.

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Just started having the same issue this morning. When the door opens it won’t stop beeping. Removed battery- keeps happening. Will try to remove the sensor from my system and see if that works but we need an actual fix from ring!