Disable Smoke/CO Listener when Ring is in Disarmed Mode

The smoke listener should have a settings option and/or default to behave like all the other Ring devices and be disarmed when Ring mode is Disarmed.

Currently the smoke listener stays active and can trigger alarms even when Ring is in Disarmed mode. While that sounds super safe, it is really too easy to trigger false alarms when users are home and have the fire department dispatched. I just had a false alarm yesterday and because I could not get to my phone fast enough the fire dept got sent and they were not too happy about it.

I do not see the difference between allowing a front door sensor to be disarmed when Ring is in Disarmed mode even though an intruder might kick it in, but the smoke listener will always be active even when I am home to hear the alarm and call the fire department myself.

At a minimum at least make a smoke listener option to arm/disarm with Ring arm/disarm.

The lack of this feature has forced me to unpair my smoke alarm from Ring. I can’t have the fire department coming out because there is some smoke in the kitchen. I have to choose between being unprotected while away, or constant false alarms.

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At the very least it would be nice to be able to temporarily disable one or more listeners via the app. The only other option is to remove the batteries. This is the recommended procedure when adding new listeners to the system. Also needed when you want to test your smoke and co detectors, a task which is supposed to be done once a week. This is somewhat inconvenient. Right now I switch to self-monitoring to test my alarms and even though the fire department will not be dispatched the siren still goes off. Just looking for an easy way to test alarms when listeners are part of the system. Perhaps an additional mode could be created, a maintenance/test mode.


I agree, except that there should also be an option to disarm smoke detectors even when the system is otherwise armed. There are too many ways in which false smoke detector/CO alarms can be triggered, including dust and insects in the alarm.

Agree on the need for more tools to manage the Ring smoke listener. Pause button for cooking, ability to have smoke listener activate like a motion detector. I would prefer the later if a choice was necessary. Doing nothing the benefits do not outweigh the annoyance. Needs doing!

This is a no-brainer feature. Just have the listener show up along with all the other sensors in the mode configuration settings and let users toggle it on or off based on their preference. In my case, I would have it “on” in the “away” mode and “off” in the “home” mode. And of course it would be off in the “disarmed” mode.