Different Sounds for Person Detected vs Motion Alerts

I find that it would be very useful to add an option to distinguish the audio notification between when a person is detected vs general motion. For example if I have someone prowling around my property at night, I would want a different sound to wake me up versus just motion (like a car making a u-turn on my driveway). Even with motion zones I have quite a few false alerts at night due to bugs, animals, cars lights etc… but if a person is on my property I would like to know with a different tone. The app is already able to tell the difference between people and general motion, so why just not add a different sound category? Thanks!

Would be lovely to not get the motion sensor sound or be able to get a different sound for when someone’s on your property. Like get someone is walking up to my house… versus the neighborhood walking their dogs. Yes I’d like to know if anything is amiss around my property but mostly I’d a person has entered its perimeters.


Since the with Smart Alerts the Ring Doorbell knows the difference between a person and motion it would be nice if you could set a different chime for each type of motion. That way from the sound you could know the difference between a person or a car.

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