Critical Configuration Error on GE Zwave Plus switch

I installed two “Works with Ring” Enbrighten Zwave wall dimmer switches. I already have others that work perfectly (much older and installed before I had Ring Alarm), but those last two give a “Critical Configuration Error” as their status. They work fine, I can turn them on and off and set the dimming level I want, but I can’t get rid of the error. I tried removing them and re-adding them multiple times but that doesn’t help. The error comes back when I add them back. They work but this is annoying, has anyone got a better solution than just removing/resetting and re-adding?

Hi @frouffignac. If you’re getting a critical configuration error when adding your GE Switch, you can also try removing your GE Switch and plugging your Base Station in the same room as the GE Switch, then adding it again. If you have tried this step and are still having the same concern, give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here for further assistance. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

I finally figured this one out. The GE Zwave plus switches require a bit of trickery to set up properly. When installing through the ring app, you go through Alarm → Security → Works with Ring. And It will ask you to scan a QR code which the GE switch provides. DO NOT SCAN IT YET. This will lead to the error. Instead tell the app you don’t have a QR and it will move on to the next screen with an ADD button. Pair up by clicking ADD and then tapping up on the switch (or down, i think both work). The app will signal that is is adding the switch and configuring it and THEN it will ask for the QR code AGAIN. This time do scan the code (alternatively you can say you don’t have it again and enter the 5 digit code manually on the next screen but scanning the QR is easier). And this time the switch will be added properly and not show a critical configuration error on the dashboard page.

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Hi @frouffignac. We’re glad to hear that you got this figured out! Thanks for sharing.

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