Create a Scheduled based on current Mode


I was trying to set up a schedule. The idea is to turn to ‘deactivated’ mode at 6am each morning. This allows me to set Home mode manually when ever i want when I go to bed and not have to rememeber to turn it off in the morning.

The schedule only allows me to set it ‘deactivate’ at 6am, which is great and works, but I only want this to happen when It is currently in Home mode only. Unless im reading it wrong it will just set any current mode to deactviated, Even from armed when im away (unless i remember to turn the schedule off)

Is there not a way to say whilst in home mode, set to deactivate at 6am.


Arming your Alarm with Mode Schedules will give you the ability to create multiple schedules to better fit your lifestyle. While you can choose which Alarm Mode your Alarm will change to, during schedule setup, there are not additional options to base it on individual mode status out side of the time options. There is also a schedule conflict warning in the Ring app, to help with setting up multiple.

Feel free to check out our Feature Request Board and vote on requests similar to this, or make a new request if one does not exist. :slight_smile: