Control my outdoor lights with the Ring system


I am thinking about purchasing the Ring Security System with a few cameras for my house. I have one question regarding the lights. I noticed that Ring dose not sell any smart outlets, at least not that I know of.

I want to be able to control my outdoor lights with the Ring System. They are not smart lights. I thought about using a smart plug for my lights and use it that way. I don’t know exactly how this system works and what it is capable of doing. Would that be possible? I also want to do some automation. So when I drive into my yard, a motion sensor will turn on the lights.

Is this possible and how would I do that?

P.S. I live in Europe so I would need Type C electrical plug.

Hi @Birkir! Thank you for showing interest in the Ring Security System. We currently do not offer any smart outlets that are compatible with our EU Ring Security System. This is due to the different Z-wave frequencies that the EU model utilizes. Be sure to keep an eye out on our News and Announcements board for updates about what is available!

Buy smart plugs compatible with Alexa - I know for sure the newest KASA and HUE are working. Connect lights to the plugs. Use Alexa on your smartphne to configure routines - for example: ‘Driveway Camera detects motion -> Switch On my Driveway plug (light)’. Problem solved. You don’t need any Amazon Echo devices etc., I have been using Alexa app for months and created routines for lighting, heating, security etc. I bought Echo Show 5 yesterday because I want to see what’s going on without the phone but it’s OPTIONAL.

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