Contact sensor for Aluminum bifolds

We are looking to put some aluminum bifolds and aluminum windows. We currently have first gen contact sensors. As i see from the website, they ‘MAY NOT work with metal doors’. Is there a definite answer or a way to get them to work?

Hi @WokmN. Ring Contact Sensors have a magnet in them and utilize Z-Wave to communicate with the Base Station. Metal can impact both of these things, which is why you may run into issues when installing Ring Alarm components on metal surfaces. There is no definite answer as to whether the sensors will or will not work, as everyone’s home and installation will vary.

thanks @Caitlyn_Ring … i understand the concept, but i was hoping that someone somewhere in the world has done similar challenges and figured a work around? maybe put a bit of wood underneath the contact sensors or something…

@WokmN I think if something isn’t going to work its the wireless part. Normal wired contact sensors tend to work fine on aluminium windows/doors. You will just need to try it out and see what happens.

Does Ring do wired contact sensors? was not aware of it…

@WokmN Don’t think so, I was speaking more in general about alarm sensors. They work in the same way with a magnet and I have seen them on aluminium windows.

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