Contact Sensor alert - Is it customizable?


Unfortunately i have been unable to get an answer to my question about the sensor alert.
Hopefully i will find it here :slight_smile:
I am planning to purchase the security package, including 3 contact sensors; 2 for the main/garden door, and 1 for my 3 year old child - bedroomdoor.
My son is now slowly roaming around at night when he wakes up and i would like to be alerted if he opens his door.

My question is; is it possible to receive an alert to my phone only for this sensor when he opens the door, without crazy alarms going off… so just phone only, preferably a sound of my choosing ? (like the standard alarm clock sound on my iPhone).
The other sensors should have their standard intruder-alert sounds… no need to change that along with what i choose for the bedroom door.

Is this possible with this Ring security system?

Hi @Yaroon. Yes, you can turn on notifications for just that one Sensor on your door to alert you on your phone when that door is open and closed. You cannot customize the alert sound for it in the Ring app; it only has one standard sound. You can also set this Sensor to not trigger the Alarm when it is armed in Home or Away mode. I hope this answers your question. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Justin_Ring

Thanks for your answer.

A notification is not really an alarming sound, or a sound that wakes me up, or something that grabs the attention immediately. So there is no way to increase this alert at all? Or is that job meant for the base station only? I am looking for a way to be alerted without big alarm other than just like (or similar to) my iPhone wake-up alarm clock function whenever my son opens his door. But it seems to be that this is not optional on the Ring Security system… Is that correct?

Even if i wouldn’t want to use this Contact Sensor in the way i want to do, but just for the protection of my main/garden doors, i’d find a simple notification on my phone a bit underpowered. I receive multiple notifications throughout the day, the Ring notification about a potential break-in might just get lost in between the games, business, news, X, Facebook etc etc etc etc notifications… i wouldnt even notice it immediately if i would not be able to customise it which makes a simple notification on the phone rather useless…(unless you shut down ALL notifications of all the apps, but that would be a bit too much…)

Why is it that this cannot be changed?

@Yaroon. That is correct; as of now, you cannot change the alert sounds for the Ring Alarm on your phone using the Ring app. Also, I do not have information on why it cannot be changed.

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