Connecting your Ring device without QR and with damaged barcode

So this isn’t so much a question, just a suggested solution to the abyss.

My family just bought a house that was previously owned by Ring-lovers. They installed 6 cameras inside and outside the home, a ring doorbell, multiple ring chimes, and probably other devices I haven’t yet discovered. While we live in an incredibly safe neighborhood, they went to extreme lengths to ensure their safety – including scraping off the QR codes so the sneaky criminals couldn’t hijack their equipment.

First device I added to my account was the doorbell. When I couldn’t find the QR or pin, I was relieved to find the option of scanning a barcode to add the device. No problem!

When I moved to the flood lights, I also found there was (again) no QR or pin, but the bar code sticker was badly damaged and in a hard-to-reach spot. I quickly snapped a photo of the barcode, and began taking down the camera to get a better angle at it. It was at this point the bar code sticker disintegrated with my touch. Ooof! The sticker was not only damaged, it was completely beyond repair.

Searching through the app for options to add my devices, I found no manual entry options without QR or PIN. (I wonder if there is a pro tip for this? ) Anyhow, scouring the internet, I could find no solution for finding this information without original packaging or device stickers. Also, the only other option for scanning a bar code was no longer an option.

What to do?

I looked back at the picture of the damaged bar code, and I could barely make out the S/N on the sticker. I hope I don’t need the MAC ID or SKU, they’re gone… Maybe… if I recreate the S/N bar code?

I went to Free Online Barcode Generator: Create Barcodes for Free! and typed in my S/N. Texted the screenshot of the barcode to my wife, fired up the ring app and prayed. BAM – it scanned. Added the floodlight camera, no issues.

I may be solving literally nobody’s problems, but hey, it worked for me and glad to share if someone else experiences what I did.

So my pro(amateur)-tip:

If you have outdoor equipment, take a photo of the bar codes or QR codes during installation. Keep them. Expect weather to destroy them over time. You can always recreate the S/N barcode if necessary.

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Thank you for sharing this solution that worked for you! :slight_smile: