Confirmation Call - not clear for how to request emergency response

If the alarm trips and you disarm it quickly, you get a confirmation call. According to the description in the app, the call “allows you to ask for emergency response in a real emergency”

However, the wording of the call is confusing and doesn’t clearly allow me to ask for emergency response. The wording of the call is roughly:

Hello we have received a burglary alarm from the [name] residence located at [address], and your cancellation request. To acknowledge this message say “acknowledged”

It would be much better if it was more like this:

Hello we have received a burglary alarm and cancelation request from the [name] residence located at [address]. To confirm this was a false alarm, say ‘false alarm’. If you need emergency response, please say ‘emergency’ or wait on the line to be connected to our monitoring center

Here are the issues with the current wording:

  1. It’s unclear what a “cancellation request” is. I thought it meant that I put in the disarm code, but it seems to mean that I’ve requested to cancel police response.
  2. It’s unclear that by saying “acknowledged” that I am confirming I don’t need the police. I thought I am just acknowledging what has happened so far (yes there was an alarm and I disarmed it)
  3. There’s nothing in the wording that explains what I should do if I DO need the police. Do I stay quiet? If I stay quiet, will I be connected to an agent to ask for my password?
  4. The grammar is bizarre, namely the “and your cancelation request” hanging off the end of that first sentence
  5. The transition between recording and text to speech is clunky, and makes it hard to understand what’s happening - especially if you might already be a frazzled state from tripping the alarm, have a crying child in the background, etc.

It’s also unclear to me what happens if I don’t answer this call at all… do they call my #2 emergency contact? Do they sent the police? The “confirmation call” supposedly only calls my first contact.

Also, this whole feature seems to negate the duress scenario. If an intruder forces me to disarm the alarm, and I forget my duress code and I use my standard code, then nobody is ever asking me for my all clear password. And if the acknowledgement call only goes to the first contact, I can’t even just ignore the call to get a response.

None of these questions are answered by the helpcenter topic either.

That does all sound very confusing… If under duress, I don’t think I would know what to do…