Chime Pro Making 3 tone repeated alert. Error?

I have searched everywhere, and 100 combinations. No where can I find a simple list of what these sounds mean.

My chime pro, I have 4 of them in my home networked to support cameras as extenders, all of a sudden started making this 3 tone repeated noise.

Bup bop bup. Not a beep. Not a chime. This dull thudding boop sound with 3 notes that are distinct and different. It will not stop. ALL of them are doing it.

No alerts on the app. Nothing on google or chat gpt. Devoid of any means to fix this or understand what it is and why.

Extremely upsetting.

Hi @Craig.Bergman. Can you please post a video of one of your Chime Pros making this noise? This will help me look into your concern.

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I have the same issue. I have 5 Chime Pros, all Ring cams are on the Chime Pro Network created among those Chime Pros, and every now and then, one or another Chime Pro ends up making this bip bap bup, bip bap bup, … sound on repeat. No video needed: In my case, it is essentially the “Ring Alert 2” played on te Chime Pro over and over again. But no one is ringing the doorbell. Unplug/replug stops it. While it is happening, the blue light is full on, not flashing. The Ring app shows nothing wrong with the device. Ring app reports RSSI-40 levels of really good signal. And the eero Max 7 reports that it is connected to the router right next to it and has strong wifi signal. Overall, everything looks good on the device & in the app, except for this repeating “Ring Alert 2” sound. Annoying!

Yes, all hardware involved is using the latest firmware/software.


Hi @tuna_ertemalp. Thanks for adding your feedback to this thread. If you provide a video example of the sound and light pattern you’re seeing on your Chime Pro, we can share that example with our teams here so they can take a look. You’re also more than welcome to get in touch with our support team for one-on-one troubleshooting assistance.