Chime notification when it goes offline


It is possible to get a notification when any of my doorbell chimes go offline?

Thank you.

When your Chime or Chime Pro goes offline for power reasons, this will be noticeable via the light on the device itself. For network connection concerns, checking the device in the Ring app or seeing if other connected Ring devices are working is the best way to confirm this.

At this time there is not an offline notification. Check out the article below for more tips and tricks. :slight_smile:

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Do you think this simple feature can be implemented?
The reason why I purchased chime was to notify me when someone presses the ring doorbell button when I’m at home away from my phone. When it goes offline, it obviously does not serve its purpose and is useless. In my situation it is less than 10 feet away from the router and less than 15ft away from another access point, which, by the way, I installed specifically for the doorbell because it was very unreliable too. It still is, but that is a different story.
After investing so much in this system it is hard for me to justify switching over to competition, but if this keeps on happening, I’ll have no choice.
My router routinely restarts itself every weekend. I suspect that this is when the ring system struggles to reconnect. In any case, I have more than a dozen other IoT devices ranging from cheap light switches to expensive and more complicated devices and none of them have issues with my router restarting, other than Ring products.
I know that turning the system off and on will most likely fix the problem, but it would be nice to get notified that the problem exists in the first place, instead of people coming over to my house and banging on the door because ring DOES NOT WORK.
Simple phone notification is all we’re asking for.